Monday, February 2, 2015

marriage retreat and maybe a baby.

We are getting ready, not only to have a baby in February, but to host a Married’s Retreat our Mother Church puts on every year at our church. It’s on Valentines’ weekend and since I love red and Valentines Day decorating, I really look forward to getting the church ready with decorations, treats or fun gift giveaway prizes. I love buying that kind of stuff from Etsy. 
Chris has been busy patching, painting and cleaning  areas that have been on the church ‘to do’ list. 
For me, the best part of the retreat is that my brother and his wife and Chris’ brother and wife will be coming also and we hope to go out to dinner-- just the six of us. Fun! 

My brother has six kids and Chris’ brother has seven and both of them are pastors as well, so there’s usually quite a bit to talk and laugh about. It’s really a good time for us. (We don’t have that many opportunities to hang out with family so we cherish times like these.) 
Did I mention that I’m really excited for Valentines Day? I already bought Chris his Valentines’ gift, a pair of leather chanclas from Kenneth Cole, and a sweet hand painted Valentines card from Etsy. 
I was hoping for a Valentines Day baby, but my actual due date is February 28th, so I changed my mind and have been praying for the baby to be a day late. If it were up to me, which it’s not, I’d have him on March 1st , since Chris’ birthday is also in March. Springtime! My fav!


Vivian said...

Wendy i will be praying for God to hear you desire.
Thank you for sharing ...

Jo said...

As a February 28th baby myself I see only good things in this wee one's future ;-)
Enjoy the last weeks of your pregnancy and have a fabulous time on the marriage retreat, you deserve to enjoy every minute.

DaniNelson said...

Congratulations on the baby coming so soon! What exactly do the couples do at the marrieds retreat? I'm curious since we don't have any of that in our church, but maybe want to establish it. Blessings!