Tuesday, February 3, 2015

we won!

On Saturday, Chris and I went to the party store and grabbed some Patriot supplies for the super bowl party we put on for the kids. We were going to eat outside on the picnic table under the pop-up tent so I had them decorate it --which they loved doing. 
Daddy, Charlie and Lincoln made the hamburger patties and Ethan cooked them on the bbq while Sophia made a giant chocolate chip cookie in a brownie pan. 
Even though we don’t actually watch the super bowl, Chris, Ethan and I sat next to Sophia’s little radio in the front room listening to the play by play call like the old days. It was actually really fun. 
When we got to church for evening service, the Patriots were down by ten and Parker and Ethan would not stop checking the scores. They were grinning from ear to ear, when the Patriots went ahead in the fourth quarter and were giving Chris thumbs up signals in the pulpit. I couldn’t stop laughing at them. 
Right when the game ended, Papou (Chris’ Dad) called us and I sent Parker out of the service with the phone to bask in the glory on the Pat’s win!! 
Parker, of course, started texting all his football and basketball coaches to gloat over the win and talk major smack. He said he can’t wait to wear all his Patriots’ gear to practice this week. Ha!

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