Tuesday, February 10, 2015

ups and downs.

Starting last Thursday morning, the stomach flu has been working its way through all my kiddos. It started with Tallulah and has just hit Sophia who never gets sick. Only the three oldest boys have yet to catch it, and Chris and me included. 
He was such a blessing a few nights ago when the little ones were throwing up pretty much the entire night. I can honestly say that on Saturday night, as soon as he would get into bed after caring for someone or cleaning up throw up, someone else would immediately get sick and he would have to jump up again and take care of the problem. That night, he had an hour of sleep at the most. And then had to preach the next morning. I don’t think he was even grumpy or complained at all. He is the best husband and dad... he takes care of all that because he knows that if I even go near throw up, I’m doomed to come down with the bug. And being a sick Mommy at 38 weeks pregnant just won’t work around here. 
On Monday, I had my weekly baby appointment and Lincoln was able to go with me-- before he ended up with a fever. I’ve enjoyed taking one of my kids with me to each one of my appointments ever since I began expecting number 11. It’s kinda fun and they really want to come along with me. I usually take them somewhere special after and buy them a treat. And they always think it’s so funny to see the doctor who delivered them when they were born. For some reason, all the younger ones get a kick out of that. Ha! 
I have another ultrasound scheduled on the 20th to make sure the baby is still head down. I think I have everything I need to pack my hospital bag, but I’ve been so busy getting ready for the upcoming marriage retreat and homeschooling everyday that I haven’t had the time to pack it. Nothing like my first babies where my bag was packed about two months before my due date.
Just today I was joking with Chris how some women will follow their husbands to the end of the earth, but me--? I just follow him from one end of Home Depot to the other. I’m convinced that just walking around that place as much as I do is gonna send me into labor. One last thing--I’m still praying for that March 1st delivery date. Fingers crossed.


Nikki said...

Sorry that you have the stomach bug making its rounds. We have too! It is taking awhile to get through everybody in our house.
Your comment about Home Depot made me laugh. We have not gone in awhile but it used to seem we spent hours there after each of my baby appointments. :) My legs would get so tired. Can't wait to hear that your baby is here. March is not too far. away.

STL inker said...

i love Home Depot and Lowe's...i am a 68 year old grandma...their stuff is so cool!!
moving forward, hope you all will be in good health.

Jen said...

So sorry about the sickness in your home. We have something brewing here too. The baby came down with a fever on Wednesday and one of the 3yr olds threw up this morning. I have a feeling it's going to be a icky weekend. Hope your little ones are on the mend!