Tuesday, April 28, 2015

before I forget.

Today-- my oldest turned 15.
Tomorrow-- my second oldest turns 12.
Sophia was just offered a third teacher assistant job this week.
Tallulah told the FedEx man to “have a nice day’. She is so smart. Being baby number 10 puts you on the fast track for a lot of things.
Jace went in the van with a binky, but an hour later it was nowhere to be found while we were out running errands. I think it disappeared into another dimension. 
The weather is warm and all I want to do is be outside watching my kids play on the slip-n-slide.
I had no idea that when I became a Pastor’s wife meant that I had a sign on my back that said, “When you’re bitter at God-- take it out on me.”
After having eleven children, I’m asking myself if I am still willing to trust God with my family size. The answer still seems to be ‘yes’.
When I mention Hobby Lobby, my kids beg me to take them with me.
I sleep for an hour in my bed when I first go to sleep, then I sleep in my recliner from midnight to 6am. Then back in my bed from 6 to 7am when Chris takes the baby.
That’s when Chris spends quality daddy and baby time with Jace during his 6am prayer time.
Parker is going to have x-rays and is scheduled to see a sports orthopedic doctor on May 4th. 
As of right now, the old Toby Mac music is my fav!
No matter how many kids I have or how crazy my life can be with the Littles, I just LOVE preparing and teaching my 3 to 5 year old children’s church class. It’s definitely a calling on my life. 
I am thankful that who I was isn’t who I am since I gave my life to Jesus. I laid it all down and have a beautiful new life.
I teach my children compassion-- that even though it’s awkward, asking others about the trials and the pain they’re in or may have gone through shows people you care about them. Too many people think that not talking about a problem or not asking how someone is really doing is somehow being a friend. 
It's only April, but I am already preparing what my children may need for Bible conference in June. 
I hate video games. Any electronics for that matter.
I’ve discovered vinegar and baking soda for washing my laundry. My towels have been revived. 
I wish someone would have shared the gospel with me when I was in jr. high/high school.
I can live on Swiss cheese.
I fantasize about going on vacation without all the kids. Then when I’m offered a chance to go on vacation without all the kids, I just can’t leave them. I can’t live away from them. 
I started the “Seamless” Bible study by Angie Smith. The Bible seems new again.


Vivian said...

I love reading about your life.
I too wish someone would have been a good example of Jesus when I was a child.
BUT now I am a child of God and He walks before me. I am preparing to be faithful to His call...
What an amazing God we serve!!!!

Tesha Papik said...

Love this post! Whenever we go on vacation away from the kids we end up talking about how much we miss them and wish they were with us:)