Wednesday, April 29, 2015

my boyz.

Last night Chris, Ethan and me (and Jace), picked Parker up early from football practice and went out together for a birthday date. Parker choose a hoagie shop very close to our house. It is one of Chris’ and my favorite places to eat. 
Ethan was good with Parker’s choice since they both wanted to try something new and neither one of them have been there since we first moved here 12 years ago. We had such a nice time hanging out with them and enjoying a dinner fairly early in the night. 
Until Jace decided to get cranky. The kind of cranky he gets right before he falls asleep.  But thankfully, it was right about the time we were finishing up our dinner. 
Afterward they wanted us to take them over to Hobby Lobby so they could look around for birthday presents. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said that my kids always want to go there.  
Ethan bought a wooden catapult building kit and Parker bought a ‘How to Draw’ kinda book and of course, a metal sign for his room about trespassing and being shot. 
And once again, right when we were leaving, Jace got very cranky. That’s when I discovered he blew up and out of his diaper. Lovely. I quickly changed and cleaned him up in the car with all the extras that I never leave home without. 
We are so proud of our two oldest and their love and desire to serve God. Today is Ethan’s 12th birthday, and tomorrow we are going to make them their birthday dinner request (porcupine meatballs) and have a grand tiki room birthday. The decorations are already up.

no--parker did not buy this sign

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