Tuesday, May 5, 2015

before i forget.

I told my kids that River is not supposed to be in my class at church since he wasn’t old enough. They happily reminded me that he is now three.
On a blog post a couple weeks ago, I wrote that Sophia was nine. The next day she was reading my blog and reminded me with a smile that she was ten. Oops. 
Jasper told me very adamantly that my next puppet show has to be a Hobbit one. 
We found out through Sophia that Parker was doing flips on the pull up bar in one of our doorways when Chris and I were in another room talking. Must I remind him that he’s now 6 feet tall and weighs 170lbs. Not a good idea. Duh, dangerous!
When I see critical spirits in other people, it really makes me check myself.
I’m going on vacation for my birthday with all eleven of my children. Hubby too.
Chris and I realized a few years ago that the word ‘vacation’ still means work for us and a vacation for the kids. 
Why do my wicker furniture, cushions and lounge chairs in the backyard make such good forts to all my Littles. They’re MINE!! Please, someone remind them for the zillionth time. 
Don’t tell me you’re down and got my back. Just show me. In Parker’s words: Talk is cheap. Actions speak.
My fav song this week "I'll Keep On” (featuring Jeremiah Carlson)" by NF
I’ll keep on loving the people God puts in my life even when I’m hurt by the people God puts in my life.
Everyone in this house knows that Jace has a reputation for being dangerous with his diapers. You won't catch anyone holding him without a blanket underneath him. 

Binkys make the world a better place. At least, in Mommy’s world.
My favorite scripture this week: John 16:21
From the orthopedist, we found out Parker’s excruciating hip pain is from the stress his rapid growth and intense work ethic have put on his growth plates. Not the normal growing pains. 
This is my favorite blog post for this week. 
I want this sweatshirt.
I want this bag.
I went to bed last night really feeling happy about life.
Strangely, I had the worst dreams last night. 
Even though we’ve had a few bumps and breakdowns this school year, I’ve learned that all is not lost. I’ll never quit on my children.
Yesterday when the mailman came to our door, Tallulah kept telling him “Happy Birthday” over and over. I wonder if it has anything to do with the FIVE birthdays we’ve celebrated in the past month. 
I could sit in my recliner and hold Jace forever and ever.

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Tesha Papik said...

Love this post😉 It's so true vacation is a lot of work! We are going to Disneyland soon and I'm dreaming about how dreamy it will be but I know the reality is it will be work.
I'm so thankful I did not quit homeschooling last year...this was our easiest year yet! But don't get me wrong I'm thankful it's almost over, we see our teacher for the last time Monday!!! Yeaaaa you probably heard that from here😀