Monday, May 11, 2015

my day.

My Mother’s day started on Friday per my request. 

What that meant was that Chris took me out to get some bbq sandwiches on Friday night. I was craving collard greens in particular. Our regular southern bbq food truck was out of town so we tried a place that we’ve never been to, but have driven by a zillion times. 

Of course, our little adventure was wedged between picking kids up from football and track finals. But I didn’t mind since that’s part of being a Mom. And that’s why I get celebrated-- for the endless daily sacrifices made for my good and sometimes not so good kiddos. 

On Saturday, Chris took me shopping for myself, but besides finding a few cute pairs of shoes for me, I also found some clothes for my littles, because even though the day was dedicated to ME, I just had to buy things for them. 

While we were out, Chris and I ran into my OB (and his SUPER friendly wife) who has delivered seven out of eleven of my babies. I was also treated to a yummy breakfast for lunch since I really love going out for breakfast. The day would not have been complete without a trip to Hobby Lobby. Love it there. Really. 

On Sunday morning, I woke up to find a hot vanilla latte from Starbucks along with a hand picked flower bouquet from Sophia. 

We had a fantastic Mother’s Day service at church and afterward, Chris took me to the swap meet at the City College. Don’t laugh-- I’ve been DYING to go there. I was there once for outreach when we first moved here twelve years ago, but that was it. So I was the happiest woman alive when I found my extra large, mesh market bag. 

I won’t even tell you how I think it was God-ordained since it was the last one at one of the first booths. Amazing! It was my favorite present.  

When we got back home I was treated to my favorite meal: BBQ baby back ribs. I could live on bbq sauce. With cheesecake and tiramisu for dessert. Oh my! Chris was even up early Sunday morning making pink, chocolate covered strawberries. 

My kids blessed me with the best ever homemade cards (my favorite) and I felt loved and so blessed when the day was done. 

And one last thing-- after evening church, Chris took me to one of those Mexican food trucks found on corners and in parking lots scattered throughout our city. I have been dying to eat at one, but just haven’t yet. 

I couldn’t decide which one to go to, so I let Chris pick. Let’s just say my food was better than delicious! 

When I went to bed, I told Chris that I never wanted Mother’s day to end. Ha! 

Sophia, Pearl and Ruby even put on a fast-paced, high energy dance that rocked! 

I love being a Mommy through the thick and thin. For better or for worse, I am blessed!



Lori said...

It warmed my heart to feel the love for your family you shared. I am so tired of hearing moms with 1-3 children complain how difficult their life is! I think of you and feel how much they are missing out if only they "thought" of what motherhood is as a joy and blessing and not a job! I am glad you had a perfect day!P.S As a mom who had four and stayed home to care for them I have absolutely no regrets! Little did I ever know that son number one would leave my life at 27, yes this makes the day harder to get through. But...I was blessed with 27 incredible years with that youngman! Have a lovely week! Lori

Tesha Papik said...

SO glad you had a blessed weekend...You deserve it!!!

STL inker said...

Happy God blessed you with a great weekend!!

Vee said...

HOw precious! Glad you had a lovely mothers day! I think I will steal your idea of starting it on friday instead! :D