Sunday, May 17, 2015

sunday's children.

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FieryCanuck77 said...

I love your family. No, I really mean it. I love you and your husband and your dear children, strange woman in a different country! :) I somehow came across you a few years ago (when it was just 9 kids!) and my neighbour was reading it too. I stopped reading and writing blogs for a year, but then my neighbour mentioned you again! I just wanted to let you know that she isn't a believer, but she loves reading of your family! Thank you for being YOU and for putting yourself out there and for sharing God's love!

If you ever find time, I would love to read a blog on how you get your kids to be such good friends to eachother. And what you do to encourage that and to stop the bickering.

Much love to your family from my "small" one of 5 kids in Canada!