Tuesday, May 12, 2015

before i forget.

I always thought, “If I only had a housekeeper, my life would be perfect.” Well, I have a housekeeper now that comes a few times a month and guess what? I still have problems. 
I can’t decide which is my favorite blog post this week-- this one or this one.
If you want to have a friend, you have to know what the word means.
This is my favorite online store right now.
Sometimes I am just TIRED.
Every year, I really struggle with doing Mother’s Day lessons in Children’s Church since some kids might not have Mom’s. 
Jasper has been experimenting with calling me Mom just to feel like a big boy. Of course, I tell him my name is Mommy, not Mom. 
After Wednesday night’s song service at church, Charlie’s drum teacher told him that he didn’t do well and Charlie acted like his whole life was over, despite the fact that everyone else said he did a pretty good job. Just shows you how kids look up to certain people in their lives. 
Packing for eleven children to go on vacation isn’t for the weak. Even if they are going to be wearing bathing suits most of the time. 
Please don’t read my blog if you’re just reading it to criticize how we do it around here. I want you to be happy. Maybe you should find a blog that makes you happy.
While Sophia was in her ballet dance class practicing for her recital, some of the girls forgot their positions and poses to end their routine.  Surprising the girls and the instructor, Sophia remembered each girl’s and began putting everyone in their final positions. Her teacher was impressed. 
Pearl went to her doctor last week and the ER on Friday night with a rash from head to toe. They didn’t know what it was, but took blood and said it wasn’t an infectious disease. Praise God...? So now, she has an urgent referral to a dermatologist tomorrow at 8am.
Though I strongly agree that women need friends, fellowship and community-- I wonder why God created Adam and Eve to be one, and not Adam, Eve and all her friends to be one. Maybe we should appreciate our God-given marriage relationships more. 
Parker is bored now that Track is over. Just doing Football every afternoon isn’t enough for him he says.
If you want to see me come UNGLUED-- let a fly into my house.
Have you ever heard the saying-- If you treated your friends like you treat your husband, would you have any friends left?
Ethan does this weird thing where he throws his head to the side thinking he is flipping his hair. But I keep telling him nothing is moving.
No one will ever know all that a Pastor’s Wife does behind the scenes unless she is one.
While running on the bleachers in cleats during football practice conditioning, Lincoln slipped and fell through the gap between the benches. He was up by the press box at the top of the bleachers and was unable to yell for help since he was holding on for dear life. By chance, Ethan saw him from far away and sprinted to him. Using his big brother muscles, he pulled him up and saved him (it was about a 15 foot drop). Big brothers are the best.
Ruby is still barking all the time. She barks so good that I think she’s a real dog barking. What a great talent to have. Ha! She is so tall for her age that I forget how  young she really is. 
How can I have seven boys and yet my car is always dirty. Seven, I say. A Mommy like me should have a regularly washed vehicle with that many boys. 
Since River turned three, he has been trying out new tantrums and some not-so-nice words he’s been learning from some kids other than ours. He went from the sweetest little guy to... ugh, let’s just say-- not so nice. He has even been caught trying to punch Ethan in the face. And he’s got quite a punch. Unfortunately he’s so cute even when doing foolish things that Ethan just laughs at him. Which is not helpful.
Tallulah walks around the house yelling, “SOPH! SOPH! SOPH!”
Jace’s blue balloon died and he now has a new red balloon that can stop him from crying in a split second. He even smiles and laughs at it. I wish I would have learned this trick ten babies ago. Maybe Ethan being so colicky wouldn’t have been so terrible.
I have a love/hate relationship with our Summer Bible conference. I love going, but I hate preparing and packing my family of THIRTEEN for it. Or washing all the clothes when we get home.
I just bought this book.
Don’t judge my household until you’ve taken inventory of your own.
School is officially over for the year. I would love to celebrate by having a book burning out in the back.


Schaefer Clan said...

Oh my- hilarious! And I totally get it, to the extent that a mom of only 6 can! Thanks for keeping it real! I like this new "before I forget" format, kind-of how my brain works. Little snippets of your day. Love! Have a great vaca. Soak in that sun and new baby!

Jo said...

I'm loving the little "before I forget" snippets too - great little reads!!

"Please don’t read my blog if you’re just reading it to criticize how we do it around here. I want you to be happy. Maybe you should find a blog that makes you happy." - Amen to that. Some people just love to have something to complain about. I guess maybe it makes them feel better about their lives if they can criticize yours and pull you down?? That says way way more about them and their state of mind then it does about you......

Vee said...

I found ur blog! Hehe! I can only imagine the packing struggle of 11! WOW! Hope you enjoy ur vaycay :D

Nikki said...

I often wonder if those people that read our blogs just to criticize read any blogs they like? :)
Enjoyed your post. Hope that Pearl gets over her rash soon and that the Drs. can figure it out. Please keep us posted.
I hate flies too but we ALWAYS get them this time of year!

Tesha Papik said...

Love these post! You should do a link up for them, they are so fun. Sorry to hear about Pearl, keep us updated on how she is!

Elicia Gregg said...

I saw this article on another blog that I love to read and thought of you...http://www.cleveland.com/brett/blog/index.ssf/2015/05/mothers_day_at_least_one_more.html#incart_river.
I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your life with your readers.

Chelsea said...

That last comment about the book burning- hahahah!!!! That is the best :) I think every homeschool mom feels that way at some point (or they should :)