Wednesday, July 22, 2015

in the van again.

The week we got home from Bible conference, Chris’ Dad came for a visit from the East Coast. It’s always fun to just hang out with him. This visit was even better this time since it coincided with the girls’ dance recital (more about that in another post). 
A couple days after Papou left, we packed our bags again and loaded up the van headed for our favorite “go to” vacation spot. 
A few years back, Chris came up with a easy way to pack by making a list of necessary items for each kid on the computer. We even have different lists for different destinations, which makes sense. That way they can each grab the stuff from the list and I check it before it goes in the bag. It’s been perfected and makes things run so smoothly. 
We spent five days swimming, relaxing, eating and enjoying the activities at the resort. 
Due to a housekeeping inconvenience which pushed our check-in time back a couple hours, we got a $100 credit. Besides ordering food by the pool and activities for the kids, Chris and I even had a nice quiet dinner on the resort tab. What a blessing that was! 
The kids had a lot of fun staying up extra late, having half price Sonic shakes, making ice cream floats, sleeping in and just plain kickin’ back. 
I can’t wait till next May to go back. 

*Oh, by the way--- I stole a few more pictures from Parker for this post!

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