Tuesday, July 21, 2015

we went to bible conference.

So... right after I broke my wrist and rib, we were in full force getting ready for our annual Bible conference which we have been fortunate enough to attend the last 15 years. 
Wow-- that was an extreme challenge packing for a family as big as mine with one arm. 
To tell you the truth, I wasn’t so sure we were going to make it. Due to the pain in my ribs and wrist every time I moved, I wasn’t able to get dressed, do my hair, put on make-up, open a water bottle, pick-up Jace to nurse him, switch him from one side to another... you get the picture. 
Every time I wanted to get in the shower, Chris had to put my hair in a bun (he’s learned a lot during this period) and help me wrap my cast so it wouldn’t get wet. 
The crazy thing about our conference is that even though it’s in June, I happened to start getting ready for it in February. Just doing things like taking inventory of who needed what (socks, underwear, a dress shirt, etc,) and beginning to order or shop for everyone to have what they needed. 
So when I got injured and we entered crunch time at the end of May and early June to get us all packed and ready, my early preparations were a big blessing since I could hardly do anything including driving. 
We had a fabulous time at conference busy with services, reuniting with friends and just hanging out. 
This time the girls stayed in my mother-in-law's hotel room at conference and their girl cousins which was a blast for them. And for the first time, Parker (now a more mature and responsible young man of 15 years) was hardly around since he made so many new friends and hung out with cousins and old friends each day and night. 
Nothing like being a teenager. He’s such a good kid. 
Ethan got to hang out with Parker and his friends a few times, but mostly hung out with his cousins which suited him just fine. 
We heard plenty of great sermons and had a ton of fun pool time. 
There were a few sermons which I consider my favorites. Because the preaching was so amazing and also because it hit so close to home on some things that had happened in our church. 
It’s good to know you’re in God’s will and even better when you hear confirmation from preachers that you highly respect in their sermons and from having one on one conversations with them. 
We are truly sad when conference is over and start counting down the days until the next one, the minute we leave our hotel parking lot.   
*Oh, by the way--- I stole a few more pictures from Parker for this post!

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