Wednesday, August 19, 2015

author sophia.

I’m so proud of Sophia. 
While Chris and I were on one of our Target trips, I took a quick browse through the dollar bin section and found blank 5”x7” story books. They were the last ones left and I knew Sophia would love them. 
At almost any time throughout the day, you can find someone seated at the kitchen table drawing, coloring, painting or writing pen pal letters. And many of the times, that person is Sophia. 
From the moment I handed her the blank book, she wouldn’t put it down. For almost the entire rest of the day, Soph wrote and illustrated a story. She was so focused and I was amazed at the characters and story she created from her imagination.  
I was really proud to see her first book!

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Vivian said...

precious...!! i love to see kids that "use" the gift God gave them.