Thursday, August 20, 2015


Just one more testimony about a Good God and a football player named Charlie. 
It wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to guess how Charlie’s been feeling in the aftermath of breaking his wrist. I’m not talking about pain. I mean the frustration and disappointment he’s been wrestling with concerning the possibility of missing part or all his football season. 
In our home, we know that football certainly isn’t everything, but to a young man of nine, it may as well be. Charlie was definitely going to miss his team’s one scrimmage and the first three games minimum. 
But Charlie’s been praying that God would do a miracle for him. 
We hoped (for Charlie’s sake) that maybe Charlie’s team would have a bye (no game) during one of those weeks-- and something unusual happened. 
The team was having their helmets reconditioned and there was a glitch. 
Somehow they got backed up and several of the pop-warner teams would not be receiving theirs back in time for their first games. Charlie’s team was one of them. Ethan’s team was not. 
So... as luck would have it  as God’s favor would have it, because of the delay, which hasn’t happened in years past, Charlie may only miss one game. 
It’s great to know that God cares about everything in our lives from the most important events to the most insignificant. This whole experience has been a great lesson in faith for Charlie, and myself as well. 

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