Thursday, August 13, 2015

before i forget.

When Jace starts to get fussy, Charlie loves to tell him, “Come on bro, get it together!” At first I was like-- Don’t you tell my baby that! Until I realized that Jace loves it;  He immediately stops fussing and starts smiling. 
My favorite t-shirt on Amazon. 
Is our first football scrimmage really only eight days away?
My favorite Etsy shop. I want to buy her whole store since I am obsessed with embroidery art in the girls room. It’s so cute that I want to live in their room (but I don’t think Chris would like that).
Where I buy all my skin products (except when I use this as my day lotion). These are products that I refuse to run out of.
My “I can’t live without it” body wash.
You know you have jocks for sons when they wear gym shorts every s-i-n-g-l-e day, even when you’re going on a family day trip and nicer clothes are expected.
I have read “Happy Happy Happy” and “Good Call” by Phil and Jase Robertson and have just started a “New Season” by Al Robertson. All very good Summer reads.
Bought this doll for Tallulah and plan on buying more of the other dolls. We now sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” every night during bedtime kisses along with her doll.
I’m convinced Vitamin C is the cure nearly for everything (that, and white vinegar). I found these vitamins and will never live without them. Parker and Charlie take their own version too. For Parker’s sinuses and Charlie’s broken bones.
I told Chris that if someone didn’t know us, they might think you’re abusing us with two broken wrists in two months. 

If I could do one thing every single day, it would be to get a daily pedicure. I love my pedicure get away time. LOVE! Having cute scrubbed painted toes does a girl good.
Tallulah is finally sleeping in a big bed. Chris finished Ruby and her bunk bed. She hasn’t had any problem making the transition except every now and then she slips into Sophia’s bed in the middle of the night (and Soph doesn’t mind).
Sophia was pretending to drill Pearl’s back with Chris’ power drill until Pearl’s hair got caught and spun her Rapunzel hair right into a big tangle. Ugh. Hasn’t anyone told Sophia not to touch Daddy’s tools?
Parker worked 15 hours the first day at the NFL football camp booth for his football team. He became the funnel cake Boss. He was so addicted to making them that he volunteered to go back a few more times. The funnel cake station became ‘HIS’ and no one was allowed near it.
Ethan has been comparing his height to me almost daily since he has nearly caught up with me. What a stinker.
The boys got their football pads and Lincoln is so cute drowning in his pants. 
Jasper insists every night that I come in his room after feeding Jace and kiss his chubby cheeks. And I can’t forget to squeeze them too. He asks over and over again. This happens every night even when he KNOWS there’s no way I would let him go to sleep without that kiss. 
River is the sweetest of souls. Always coming up and rubbing my arm and gives me kisses. I’ve even seen him do it to Daddy. He is the sweetest.
Daddy made me a giant ruler to hang on the wall in our house so I can measure my kiddos. I absolutely love it. He is the best and is always doing things to bring me a smile. Including making me the best fruit smoothies daily. I’m gonna miss him when school starts. My BFF.

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