Wednesday, August 12, 2015

checking off the list.

I know it’s kinda trendy to have a ‘bucket list’, but I had the kids make one around the middle of July. I didn’t want our time to fly by and feel like we never actually did anything. 
We probably would’ve done most of the stuff the kids put on the list anyway, but seeing them written down and checked off makes us really feel like we accomplished something. 
Why so late? 
Because we finally got a breather after Bible conference, Papou’s visit and our two family vacations. 
One of my favorites so far has been our picnic at a really great ‘pirate’ park right on the ocean. 
Here’s why: after all of us sat on a blanket eating our sandwiches and having our snacks, Chris went to the playground to watch all the kids and left me alone with a sleeping Jace to lay on the blanket and read one of the Robertson family (Duck Dynasty) books. 
I was in heaven. 
A beautiful day on the grass by the beach, a sleeping baby and good book. 
I may have even closed my eyes for a bit. 
I can’t even remember the last time I had the chance to do that! 
We only stayed  for about and hour and a half and the prevailing thought in my mind was: Gosh, we need to do this again!

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