Friday, August 21, 2015

little moments.

I woke up this morning with pre-game jitters. I know-- I'm not even playing! Tonight is Parker’s (#28) first varsity football game and I am sooo nervous.

We went to Ross this morning looking for a couple of cheap sports bags and ended up buying really nice Adidas cleats for Charlie and Lincoln. For $14.99, I just couldn’t resist. While we were there, we also got Charlie an early birthday present: Kenneth Cole sunglasses for $9.99. And of course, when we saw a blow-up Spiderman punching bag for $3.99, we just had to get it for Jasper and River.

Ruby kicked River by mistake while trying to karate kick Spiderman and “broke” River’s wrist (not really).

Yesterday, Chris & I went to buy our homeschool books without any kids. It was so easy. The books will be here in about two weeks which is just fine with me. 

Pearl and Sophia are addicted to sending emojees. Sometimes they send messages to me from Chris and sometimes the other way around. And when they send them, they tend to go more than a little bit overboard in the love department if you get my drift. 

We’ve had quite a few visitors lately at church and one of them asked Pearl if she was a movie star.

Chris freaked out the other day and put away every electronic device. He grabbed the X-box and all the kid’s Nintendos and told them that until everyone started helping without being told, they’d never get them back. (Pssst... I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.)

Besides all that, we are still having a fun time enjoying Summer with as many trips to the beach as we can squeeze in and all sorts of crazy other stories I hope to get around to recording here for my kids to read one day. 

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I remember my oldest son's first varsity football game so vividly. I was a little nervous but also so excited. He attended the same high school that I did and it was so surreal to me to see my son playing in the same stadium where I had sat years before as a student watching my classmates play. I hope your team won!!! : ) Have a great rest of your summer!!

~ Wendy