Tuesday, August 11, 2015

please don't end.

I don’t want Summer to ever end. 
How could I when Chris is home and the kids aren’t obligated to do much of anything except have fun, be outside, cross things off our bucket list and get to football practice in time. 
I think that weather-wise, we’ve had one of the nicest summers I can remember. 
Unfortunately Parker’s school technically starts sometime next week, but what that really means is that we are to expect his independent study teacher to contact us and set up his weekly meeting time. 
We’ve decided to try something a little bit different this year-- instead of meeting his teacher at the local city college, he will be meeting her at the same school where he plays three sports which is less than five minutes from our house. 
What a blessing. 
His teacher from last year was so upset when she found out, that I felt really bad and even considered not changing at all. 
There were times last year when she would not be feeling well due to health problems and she would tell Parker that meeting with him actually made her feel better. Sigh. 
I pray that he’d have the same connection with his new teacher and that he’d have the chance to be a witness to her too. 
Until then, I am soaking up every minute with my husband and kiddos. My most favorite people. Why do they ever have to grow up?

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