Saturday, November 21, 2015

first day of thanksgiving break.

Last night I felt as if an ice pick was jammed in my ear-- there was a sharp pain, then suddenly, clarity on the left side of my brain. I’m so happy for any relief at all since I’ve been spinning since last Saturday. 

It kinda feels like I’ve been on the teacup ride at Disneyland for six days straight. Not fun! Soon, hopefully, I’ll get some relief on the right side as well.

I had the older boys take down our beloved tree house that Chris built for them years ago for their birthday. I thought it would be so much better for our family to build a new and improved one. And much bigger too. I can’t wait. 

This time, I plan on adding some cool upgrades to make it even more amazing. The kids have all given input on the design. Two floors this time.

And last but not least, today was the best first day of Thanksgiving break! Parker and Ethan got up early and worked out at the beach with a Coach and friends while Charlie and Lincoln had an early basketball practice. The girls had their friends over all day. 

We spent it outside in bathing suits and ate oranges off our orange tree till there were only two left. It’s only about three and a half feet tall, yet it was loaded with a cross between tangerines and oranges. 

I think Tallulah liked it the most. She ate about 10.

Chris did some serious yard make-over work to prepare for the tree house project he’s starting this weekend. And I spent the day watering my flowers and sitting in the backyard watching Jace explore. 

He’s not even nine months and has begun taking a few steps on his own and cruising easily from the table to the couch and back. Amazing little boy. Skipped baby food. Has a mouth full of new teeth. Says Mama. Drinks large quanities of oj from a sippy cup. Drinks Danimals easiy with a straw. And cries if anyone even tries to take him away from me. He is precious. He’s a love. 

Since today was an unusually warm day, we thought we’d wrap it up with a little camp fire. And chicken wings.


KathyB. said...

Blessings abundant. I found I was smiling the whole time I was reading this post. Yes, blessing abundant !!!!

Vivian said...

wow...has it been that long since he was born! looking forward to seeing the new tree house.

Tami Lewis said...

Are you feeling better? I'll keep u in prayer.