Wednesday, November 11, 2015

i miss blogging.

Well... I’ve really missed blogging especially since it’s main purpose for me is to record memories for my family. One problem I’ve been having is that my computer is so slow and old that it makes downloading pictures an extremely tedious and frustrating task. 

Very unenjoyable. 

But I know I must do it-- My kiddos are growing up so fast that its easy to miss something; one minute they’re the little baby I just brought home from the hospital and next, they’re a sophomore in high school about to start driver’s ed. 

And this whole phone thing drives me nuts. 

I hate living in such a technology driven world. 

Start my own instagram account or not? I’m so torn. So what do I do? I don’t. I find that the more I get involved in the digital world, the less I will be living in my real world. 

The one where my kids need their Mommy to read them a story, see her reading her Bible, having funny discussions about nothing important and feeding my baby while humming him a song. 

I hate when I get sucked into my phone. I end up taking pictures with it instead of with my real camera. And I love my real camera. I just love the way it captures the vibrance and energy of my family. 

I love the saying that “Children only have one childhood.” And I strive everyday to be a better Mommy to the eleven that God has given to me. 

Nothing would mean more to me than to be old one day and have a family who loves one another, loves Jesus and does what’s right. 

Right now we are battling to overcome the flu and celebrating Jasper’s 5th birthday, thankful for the first free Saturday that we’ve had in over two months. 

We’re also thankful for my husband’s recent job transfer to a high school only ten blocks from our house. The same school where all the boys have their football games. More on all that soon. Except for the flu.


Elicia Gregg said...

I am so happy that you had a moment to post. I love, love, love your blog so very much. I I pray that you are able to speed up your computer (good luck with that one) or that somehow a new one falls into your possession, so that posting won't be such a burden. Your blog is very inspiring to me and picks me up on days where being a mama is a bit more difficult than others.

Polly said...

I miss you blogging too! I check several times per week to see if there is an update. I love the stories of what the children are up to, and the very sweet pictures. So much love in your home.