Monday, February 22, 2016

dance class for ruby.

As I looked at my old pictures, I realized that I never mentioned that Ruby had started dance class with her big sisters. All last summer she was looking forward to that big day when we would sign her up for Ballet, Jazz and Tap— she was really excited about it. 

From the time she entered class, she made friends quick and loved her teachers, but she just wasn’t ready. 

Even though she slogged it out for a few months, a pattern of behavior began to emerge—when it came time for her to get ready for dance, she would start crying big tears. She made up excuses as to ‘why’— too boring, too long, they weren’t allowed to talk with friends, etc., but the truth was that she just didn’t want to leave Mommy yet. 

Sophia even started to assist in Ruby’s class to ‘spy’ and see why Ruby didn’t want to take dance anymore, but the fact was: she just wasn’t ready yet. And that was ok. 

After talking with her and then with the Dance studio owner, we decided to wait till next Fall to start Ruby in dance again. Which is fine with us, but all her friends were telling Sophia and Pearl to tell Ruby they missed her and some even sent her letters telling her they can’t wait for her to come back to dance class. I give her credit for trying.

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