Wednesday, February 24, 2016

football awards.

One of my favorite things at the end of last year was going to the boys' award ceremonies for Football. This year I was really excited to hear what the Coaches said about my boys. They all had very good Coaches whom we've gotten to know and were perfect matches for each one of my boys. 
For Parker’s Varsity team, they decided not to have a banquet, but instead have refreshments and desserts before the awards ceremony. I was privileged to be asked to coordinate and run it. Me, Chris and my kids all pitched in and baked, set up and served all the parents and kids from all three levels. I absolutely had a blast doing it. I really do love being involved in this kind of capacity. 

The littler guys' teams had an outdoor BBQ and potluck next to their playing field which is where Parker's varsity games are held and where Chris now teaches. It was a great day and even though Lincoln and Ethan’s Coaches don’t believe in singling out kids for special awards, Charlie’s Coach does and gave Charlie and his best friend DayDay MVP awards. They are two real goof balls together and I cannot wait to see them play sports together in their high school years. They are two who seem to have big things looming in their future.

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