Tuesday, May 31, 2016

our new family members.

Just a little bit on our regular daily homelife ---we’ve added some new family members. 
It’s funny; I love animals and have always dreamed of living in wide open spaces in the country with all my kiddos and lots of animals. But— once I started having babies, the less animal crazy I became. 

I think it was that I already had enough laundry and cleaning to do and to me, adding animals meant pet hair, pet poop, cage cleaning, and animal feeding. Past pet experience told me that no matter who is in charge of picking up that dog poop, there will always be someone who will find the one that they missed with the bottom of their foot. 

But things changed here drastically overnight. 

My Pearly started making two birthday lists a couple months before her birthday. One list was a list of presents which had a bunny and a puppy as her top choices. Then her other list was of her favorite dog breeds. Everyday she would show me the list and everyday I would say, "Sorry. No." 

Then, suddenly, out of no where, God whispered to me, "Live Life" and off we went, picking up two rabbits. And a puppy all in one week. 

We were only supposed to get one bunny, but Chris bought two. Ha! He built them an awesome three story house and we set them up in our side yard creating for them a free range bunny garden during the day. At night they hop right back into their cage and we close their door for the night. 

The puppy was a childhood dream of mine-- wanting an Australian Shepherd since I grew up owning horses. And in my mind, Horses and Australian Shepherds go together. Chris said that when he heard that I'd always wanted one and would ask my parents all the time for years, he wanted to make my dream come true. So now we have Scout. 

She is the most kind and gentle pup I have ever met. Jace’s best friend. And Ruby’s too. We start puppy class this Saturday even though I think she's already really smart. 

Then-- as our country experience continued to grow, we just had to get some chickens. Day old chicks to be exact. The chickens have been so much fun! We just can’t believe the personality these girls have. And Jace thinks they are the best thing alive. He is my farmer cowboy for sure. Send him out first thing in the morning with all the pets, give him a nap and food and let him go back out till dinner is his version of a perfect life. 

All these animals have been helpful in all that I have been dealing with in regards to baby Sunday. Kind of therapeutic I guess. 
My kids are just loving it and Chris has been busy building our chicken coop.

Today at 4:30 I have a heartbeat check for the baby. It’s been something I do once a week to monitor if she's still alive. Kind of scary. Kind of sad. So far, a miracle.


Tesha Papik said...

Aww so sweet, I want animals to but they just don't seem to fit in our yard. What wonderful memories the kids will have:)

Holly McCreary said...

Australian shepherds are the best! We have a 4 month old and he is awesome. You will not regret the choice, very smart and very protective of family. Your family is an inspiration to me. What a wonderful life with so much love....you are truly blessed. Prayers and thoughts from a girl in Texas :)