Friday, April 28, 2017


My boy is 17 years old today.  
The trailblazer, the oldest of 11. 
Parker is one who is always willing to lend a helping hand.  
Shows kindness to those who others ignore or don't see. 
His heart is compassionate and genuine. 
He never runs form hard work and know when to dig down deep. 
A lover of outdoors, animals, football, family and Jesus. 
He is someone who really cares about others. 
Isn't afraid to share the gospel. A leader. Loyal. Sincere. 
And has a lot of good old fashion values and beliefs. 
Happy Birthday Parker!
 I'm blessed to be your Mom!


Elicia Gregg said...

Saw the new posts. Does this mean your back?!!!

Jo said...

Thank you for updating your loyal followers who still hang on "just in case"!!
Lovely to see your kids growing up. I hope you're well.

STL inker said...

So good to see the post. Happy birthday to your children.

kay said...

I too check to see if you have any updates!! Pray you can find a few minutes to update your followers on your amazing family! I'm waiting for you to write a book!