Thursday, April 14, 2011

into the season.

Baseball is going OK. Parker hit the batting cage and found his groove. He has even witnessed (the Gospel) to one of the troublemakers on the team. Parker came on a little strong not holding back at all, but the kid actually received it and acknowledged that anyone could be saved. Especially after Parker told the kids that his Dad was a bartender once and even took drugs and God still saved a sinner like him, then eventually became a preacher. Ha! Parker rocks! Wish I had guts like him.

Ethan on the other hand has acted like he's been playing baseball and with the same teammates all his 7 years of life. Ethan has this ability to feel very at home in any environment. He never misses a beat. Gotta love a kid who makes himself at home in any situation. Although he's been trying to spend his life savings at the snack bar during their games. We are constantly trying to teach him about saving his money and having patience. Just when I think I've got him cornered he finds out that you can get free candy if you retrieve foul far he's been able to capitalize on this twice. Amazing. The kid has a natural blessing over his life. I have many stories like that about Ethan. You wouldn't believe it.

I love my boys. I love that they are so not like me, but just awesome in so many ways. I have to thank God for that. He made them.


Marla Grace said...

Glad it is going well.Sweet post!
you are in my thoughts and prayers!

blessedmomto8 said...

WOW! You are so awesome to have them all involved in sports. I simply cannot keep up while the Captain is gone 2 weeks a month! Great pictures!

k.elizabeth said...

What a handsome boy! So fun. I wish I had done sports. :) I just wanted to hop on and say how much I LOOOOVE your blog did such a great job on it!!


thechattymommy said...

Ethan looks like a minature version of your husband in those pictures.
Love baseball- feels so American.

The Burgess family said...

Woo hoo! We are Rockies fans also! Can't get my son to play sports though. But that's ok, he's interested in other stuff. I like your blog!