Wednesday, May 11, 2011

lego addiction.

I would like you to meet Ethan.
He is addicted to legos.
No joking. No exaggerating. No lying.
For Easter, each boy received a cool lego in their basket.
Parker's did not come with a 'bad guy' so when he told Ethan he was going to return his....
Ethan was quick to offer to buy it.
Which is why we took Papa's nickname for Ethan-- "EZ"
and turned it into E-Z (easy) money.
Easy come, Easy go.


thechattymommy said...

I love it!
One Christmas I googled what the best toy to buy kids if you could only get them one thing and legos was the answer.
My mom said the same thing.
They are great for girls or boys and they provide hours of play and use imagination and last a long time.
I think my kids still play with legos from my cousin who is 34 now.

Rachel and Family said...

My oldest daughter is quickly following in her big brothers' footsteps of lego addiction. They will play with them for hours!

I hope you are doing better and adjusting to all the changes in your family's life.

*Ross and Katy* said...

Sounds like a BIG boy in my house that I married :) We have LOTS of legos that are supposed to be for my cousins to play with, but somehow my hubby is the one who plays with them the most :)