Monday, December 12, 2011

french fry.

Here's the 7th installment of our family Christmas lists.

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(Remember this includes gifts from 2 sets of grandparents.)

Ruby is our little Sophia all over again. She is a fun little firecracker.

She has discovered her girly-mommy side, but is obsessed with her brother's matchbox cars. Carrying them around in the dozens of sandwich bags she keeps taking from our pantry.

She has one 'Baby Alive' baby doll and no one is allowed to touch it. No one or they may get Ruby's tuff side.

Otherwise, she is the sweetest little sister always singing for her Mommy and brother Jasper. Whom she also calls HER baby. And when she says, 'Minnie Mouse' it's the cutest thing ever.

1. Pink Sparkling Heart Earrings (Target)
2. Pink Polka-Dot Dress Minnie Mouse Stuff Animal
3. Pink Disney Princess Bathrobe
4. Minnie Mouse Slippers
5. Pink Minnie Mouse Nightgown
6. Russian Nesting Dolls
7. Minnie Mouse Bowl
8. Minnnie Mouse Plate
9. Minnie Mouse utensils
10. (2) Minnie Mouse Sippy Cups
11. Toddler Minnie Mouse Backpack
12. Geometric Play Dome
13. Feed N' Sleep Baby

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Mrs. Lewis said...

ha ha my little one carries his matchbox cars in sandwich bags too! :)