Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Next Seal.

Parker wants to be one of two things when he grows up.

A Pastor.

Or a Navy Seal.

The Seal part of it has been a desire he has had for some time in his whole twelve years of life.

We want him to grow up and do whatever it is that God wants him to do. A Pastor... a Navy Seal... or maybe both.

At Bible Boot Camp, he watched a movie they played in the evening called "The League of Grateful Sons" and when he got back home he mentioned being inspired even more to fight for our Country.

This happened a few weeks after getting baptized and receiving a word from a Pastor about someday being a Pastor.

Of course, standing up for what's right and preaching the Gospel would be a way of fighting for our country...

Whatever he chooses, I will remember his prayers as a young boy of wanting to do whatever God speaks to him.

I believe God will honor that.


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Jacqui said...

What a blessing to know your son is desiring to serve the Lord in whatever God calls him to. Thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

I LOVE this! My fave WW so far. What a young man, and yes, I say do both... even at the same time.
nancy-of the crazy 9

Kari said...

Visiting from Hearts for Home. Love this sweet post about your boy.. sounds like God has big plans for him. Who knows, he may just be a Navy Seal Pastor. Blessings!

texasmcvays said...

That picture was so awesome of your son dressed as a seal! I think a Seal & good Pastor have a lot in common after all we are in a war against principalities! God bless y'all!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

I love his drive for greatness!!!!