Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Papou was here for a visit.

In the beginning of December, Papou {Chris’ Dad} came from the East Coast for a quick visit.

As usual, he treats us all to dinner and the kids treat him to lots of wrestling matches.

And it usually ends with someone being injured.

This year after we went out for Chinese food we took him with us to buy our family and church’s Christmas trees.

We sang Christmas songs the whole way and drove him down Candy Cane Lane {a street where all the houses are decked out to the hilt with lights and decorations. Everything from actual size camels in Nativity scenes to homes with every square inch covered with lights.}

We will be having another visit from him once again this month.

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Sophie said...

so wonderful to celebrate with Papou. I wish my kids still had Papou here with them.

You have an adorable family