Thursday, January 10, 2013

our tree.

When the Bigs were little and we only had a few of them, it would take, what seemed like, hours to decorate the Christmas tree.

I was extremely nervous about the kids handling the ornaments and dropping them.

Yet over the past couple years, I began to realize that Christmas is for THEM-- I already have my childhood memories, now it’s time for me to allow them to have theirs.

And that means more 'hands-on' learning experience in regards to putting ornaments on the tree.

My husband thinks it's great because now all he does is put on the lights and the star on top!

He's not so sentimental about broken ornaments.

It'll never be decorated exactly 'perfect', but then again, Christmas is not about that, is it?

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Vivian said...

great family picture. just think of all the great memories you will have to show your grandchildren!