Wednesday, January 21, 2015

making promises.

One thing I’ve learned from being a Mommy is that if you even mention the possibility of doing something fun or even suggest it, then kids will treat it like it’s a ‘done’ deal. In their mind, there is no “maybe” involved.
On one hand, the kids need to learn that sometimes plans do change and we need to be flexible. A good lesson for when they’re adults, don’t you think? But on the other hand, I feel it’s important as a parent to follow through if I make a promise (that’s why I try to stay away from promises-- with ten children, plans are subject to change!). 
Yet the other day, Daddy made a  big mistake-- while we worked in the yard, Jasper asked him if we could have a campfire that night and he said ‘maybe’. Jasper then reminded me a thousand and one times over the course of the next several hours that we were going to have a camp fire-- ‘Daddy said’ he’d say. 
The weather turned chilly and wet as the sun began to go down and it was the last thing I thought was fun. An extremely hot shower and a warm bed sounded way better to me. But Chris was a great Daddy and made French Dip sandwiches (love the meal!) with  coleslaw and french fries and we all ate outback under the stars around a warm campfire. 
Chris even sent Ethan up into the attic to find the twinkle lights that we bought a couple months ago to hang on our backyard pop up tent. It was really special. None of the kids wanted to come in even when it started getting really late and much colder. It was a good ending to the night. 
I really am looking forward to many more nights like this once again, as the weather (in southern CA, that is) starts to turn a little. I can just picture sitting outside in the evening just like this one, but holding our new little blessing all wrapped up in cozy blankets. I’m so excited to see who he will look like and all that his personality will bring to our family. He really does feel like a missing ingredient to our family. Like he was always meant to be part of it. 


Tesha Papik said...

I love when you said..."He really does feel like a missing ingredient to our family. Like he was always meant to be part of it" That should be on a baby card!!! I always feel like when I am pregnant also:) You guys are amazing and the kids will cherish these priceless memories their whole lives!

Jo said...

Parker's t-shirt is a hoot!!