Wednesday, February 4, 2015

a good monday.

Last Monday, Chris had the day off so I was blessed that he was able to go with me to another baby appointment-- that’s two in a row. 
On the previous visit, the baby was transverse (side to side), and when the doctor tried to turn him manually, I laughed (and cringed) and said let’s just wait on that. I’ve heard that it doesn’t feel too good. Ha! 
The funny thing about it is that a few days before, I was feeling some crazy kicking on the very far right side of my stomach-- more than any other baby I’ve had. I told Chris that the baby must be sideways because I’m always laying on my left side. My left side was where I thought his head was. 
While leaving the doctor’s office (where I’ve been going for 11 years), Chris asked the lady at the front desk if they would mind if he took the sports magazine home that he was reading because it had some articles about the Patriots. I thought I was going to die right there! I quickly said that he’d bring it back next week. And as we walked away, I told him how embarrassed I was that he asked that. 
When the smoke cleared and we stepped out the door, a woman came out suddenly and quickly approached us... We both thought, “Uh oh, she wants the magazine.” Ha! 
Well it was so neat, because it was another Mom with eight children, her oldest being fourteen, who has her own blog and  recognized me and Chris from my blog as we passed through the office. How wild is that? Later, Chris, being a math teacher, told me about the probability of that happening... The three of us had a great little friendly chat. Amazing! 
After a little trip to Target for a whole bunch of stuff we never had intended to buy, Chris bought me a coffee and a sweet treat. It was actually one of those delightfully content moments-- just having a coffee in the Target Starbucks when no one was really in the store because it was the middle of a Monday morning-- just enjoying a little chat about nothing too important with my husband, my favorite person. 
Good thing because after that, he somehow, someway got me in Home Depot to buy wood to build Tallulah and Ruby their own bunk bed. Chris has actually become a pro at building quality bunk beds; this will be his fourth-- three toddler bunks and one full size.
I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging but we ended up going to TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Costco after that. Looking for a few fun giveaway gifts for our Marriage Retreat, and doing enough food shopping to last the entire month. Besides my feet being on fire and my ankles sore, I had a great time. 
We ended the day taking the whole crew out for dinner at the Souplantation and a  trip to the maternity store. Talk about a full day. 


Vivian said...

What a fun day!!

Jo said...

You know I check back here every day because you truly have one of the most joyous and delightful blogs I've ever read. It really makes me happy every morning.

And on another note I've clearly been reading your blog for too long when I read someone else has 8 kids and my immediate thought is "that's not that many...."

Tesha Papik said...

What an Awesome Day!!! Love the pics:)