Thursday, February 5, 2015

basketball, track and tom brady.

Basketball season is almost over for Parker-- he only has three more games left on his schedule. It’s been a good first season at the high school level for him even though his team hasn’t won as many as they’ve lost, but Parker has shown some significant improvement. 
After some disappointing outcomes, he began practicing on his own which is really fantastic and will sometimes spend the whole day, in between school work, shooting baskets out back. 
He started out a tad shy with the coaches and now has running jokes between them and him. For much of the season, he wasn’t as excited about basketball practice as he was about football, but now he actually looks forward to practice even if it’s on a Saturday at 8am. 
So as basketball has been winding down, Parker has had to make a decision whether or not to go out for the swim team in the spring (which he has excelled at in the past) or go out for track which he has never done to help with speed for next football season. He chose track. 
Chris and I had a really nice time taking Parker out one late evening to buy him running shoes and track spikes. And we took Charlie along for the ride. It was fun and we had a good time having some laughs too. 
At one of the sporting goods stores, Chris said, “Hey Charlie-- who’s that?” Well, when Charlie saw that it was a store graphic of Tom Brady, he got excited. If there’s anyone Charlie wants to be like on the field, it’s him-- he’s already said that he wants to play quarterback next year because of him. So, of course, we just had to take a picture of him next to the picture. I think I will have it developed and hang it next to his bed. Ha!

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