Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my birthing options.

I've been doing a bit of research regarding delivering my next baby at a 'Birth Center'. When I called them directly, I really didn't get the answer I needed as to whether or not my insurance would cover it. But my husband called the person in charge of insurance at his employer's office and unfortunately, my insurance doesn't cover a Birth Center.

However, I feel that this is an answer to a prayer, since I was really uncertain what the right thing to do was... So my husband and I prayed that God would open or close doors as to where we would be giving birth to our new bundle coming in Spring.

Next month, I have my last appointment with my regular o.b. and will start seeing the midwife out of the same office. I have 101 questions I want to ask her. I guess I'm not exactly sure what a midwife can or cannot do... as well as the benefits of seeing her compared to seeing the doctor. I'm looking forward to it.


Claire said...

midwives usually take more time to talk to you during appointments. They are very capable and caring people.

wendy said...

i used a midwife for the pregnancy and birth of my two girls (age 21 and 16) so recommended - our insurance paid for it - the birth center knew how to bill the insurance - (and they had an M.D.) somehow associated with it-

Kelly said...

You will LOVE the personal attention you will get from a midwife. And Claire is correct: Midwives are trained in everything regarding pregnancy and delivery and post-delivery. And they are geared to keeping that as close to it's natural progression as possible.

Obstetricians are trained surgeons. They feel most comfortable with a scalpel in their hands....that's just their medical training. They are geared more towards how to handle difficult and unnatural situations.

So, when you weigh the training these two professionals get, one is better suited for healthy situations, and the other is better acclimated to unhealthy situations. Depending on your personal situation, it will dictate which professional you NEED.

After that, it's just a matter of what professional you WANT.

Good for you both, to look into an alternative that might suit you better! :) Feel free to contact me at any time about it!

Marla Grace said...

Love picture of your Hubby, and boys so sweet!Hope you are feeling well! Blessings to you!You are amazing! Love to visit your blog!:)

becca jacobsen said...

Congratulations of your pregnancy! How wonderful! I had midwife with 3 of my babies and loved it. I looked into having #10 at a birthing center, but because I had had one c-sec, then they wouldn't allow it. God will show you what to do. Blessings!